XC 2019

17th March - HT Spring Farm, Felthorpe - Schedule

Approximate class start times:
Clear round 40cm– 10am
Class 1 75cm – 11am
Class 2 90cm – 1pm
Class 3 1m – 1.30pm


11th August - Lexham Novice Cross Country - Schedule to follow

TBC September - ODE Sussex Farm Burnham Market - Schedule to follow

Please note it is most important that you do not approach or leave Sussex Farm

via Burnham Market, but use the route from Docking.

Are you an aspiring Cross Country Jump Judge, or have jump judged before, then your help would be very much appreciated at our Hunter Trials and one day event this year. Please do offer your help, its a great day out, and you will even have your lunch provided!

Contact: secretary@carouselridingclub.co.uk